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Pop Artist explores colour, lines and shapes

A Nigerian-Canadian neo-pop artist, painter, sculptor, and product designer, Lanre has a strong reputation for work ethic and business-savvy creativity. Prior to turning his attention to painting full time, he worked in graphic design, developing his eye for images and details and honing his execution skills. He has been interested in artistic endeavors all his life, drawn both to the opportunity to express himself in a way that is both complete and yet sometimes indirect and to the feeling of accomplishment that comes with starting a project with an idea and finishing it with something of which he can be proud.

Lanre was inspired to dedicate himself to art fully when as a teenager he visited a master artist late David H Dale. This master artist served as a mentor to Lanre, encouraging him to open his eyes to the possibilities to be found in art and to become more observant of the world around him. His whole life was changed when he realized that he had the potential to create works of art that would invigorate people’s spirits and brighten their lives: he had found his calling and set a mission for himself, searching and experimenting tirelessly, intent on discovering at all times new techniques and new styles that he could incorporate into his work.

Lanre draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources. His art is intended to motivate both action and thought, falling equally into the categories of “inspiration” and “philosophy.” Although his style is uniquely his own creation, he has been compared at times to cubism and pop art, largely due to the vibrant colors and bold patterns that are so common in his painting. He expresses a range of emotions in his works, including hope, joy, peace, and love. His medium visual by nature, he has a knack for putting complex ideas into images and evoking cultural memories as a means to add multiple layers along the way.

Finding ideas upon which he can enumerate in his memories of the past, his awareness of the present, and his imagination of the future, Lanre applies himself vigorously to his craft, believing that it is only through intense practice that he can actually do what he wants to do. His ambitions are large, and so he pours the entirety of himself into his work, confident that what he is doing is valuable. In addition to painting for others, however, Lanre also paints for himself, viewing his work as a type of therapy. Through painting, he opens his mind to new possibilities, creates positive energy in his life, and puts his soul at ease.

Lanre believes in finding work that you love, and with painting, that is exactly what he has done. He is passionate about art, and he is energized each and every day when he sits down to work on a project. In art, he has been gifted with a method for sending his loving energy out into the world consistently and effectively, reaching more people than he ever could on a one-to-one basis. Having surrounded himself with harmonious and sweeping line images, he has unleashed the power of the conscious mind and brought rain to the desert and sunshine to the shadows.

Lanre’s artworks are found in collections both private and corporate around the world.


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